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At Nucar, our commitment extends beyond offering exceptional vehicles; it embodies a deep-seated dedication to fostering vibrant community connections and meaningful initiatives. Our Nucar Cares program is a testament to this pledge, featuring an array of collaborations with local organizations that are close to our heart and central to our mission of giving back. Through partnerships with entities like Norwood’s 150th Birthday Celebration, Nichols College, Norwood Day, Norwood Little League, Kennedy-Donovan Center, and the Marshfield Fair, we aim to enrich our communities with a spirit of togetherness and support.

Each of these partnerships reflects our dedication to making a difference, whether it’s by celebrating heritage and diversity, enhancing educational facilities, supporting family-friendly events, fostering youth sports, or aiding in the provision of vital services to those facing developmental challenges. By joining forces with these organizations, Nucar is proud to play a role in nurturing the growth, joy, and well-being of our communities, proving that together, we can achieve remarkable things. The Nucar Cares page is dedicated to sharing these stories of partnership, community, and the powerful impact of collective effort.

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Neponset River Regional Chamber

The Neponset River Regional Chamber has been a cornerstone for businesses in the Neponset River region since 1894. Originally known as the Norwood Business Association, the Chamber has evolved over the years to support a diverse array of businesses, from large national corporations to small and medium enterprises. With over 500 members, the Chamber offers a variety of resources, including structured networking groups, industry-specific alliances, and public policy advocacy.

Members benefit from initiatives like the Human Resources Alliance, Elder Care Alliance, and Women’s Leadership Alliance, which foster collaboration on projects of mutual interest. The Government Affairs Committee keeps members informed on legislation impacting business operations, while structured networking and leads groups help businesses grow and connect. The Chamber’s hands-on committees and expert staff work together to enhance member services, improve public image, and maintain strong relationships with policymakers.

Joining the Neponset River Regional Chamber provides businesses with numerous advantages, such as member-to-member discounts, access to expert advice, and opportunities for community involvement. By supporting local enterprises and promoting economic development, the Chamber plays a vital role in helping businesses in the Neponset River region thrive.

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Rainbows Pride 5K & Concert

The Rainbows Pride 5K & Concert is an annual event organized by the Boston Theater Company to celebrate LGBTQ+ arts and athletics. Held at the Boston Common Bandstand, this unique event invites participants of all gender identities to join in a supportive and inclusive athletic experience. The 5K race, which is accessible to various athletic abilities, offers participants the option to complete the course at their own pace, with awards presented in a gender-neutral manner.

Funds raised from the event help provide free or discounted tickets to those who cannot afford them, ensuring financial inclusivity. Any additional funds support the Queer Voices Festival, further amplifying LGBTQ+ voices in the arts. The Rainbows Pride 5K & Concert promotes inclusivity, social responsibility, and the celebration of diversity within the community. With ASL interpretation, ADA accessibility, and a pay-what-you-can model, this event embodies the Boston Theater Company’s mission to create inclusive and empowering experiences for marginalized communities.

VFW Logo

Massachusetts Veterans of Foreign Wars

The Massachusetts VFW Foundation is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting veterans and their families. Relying solely on individual donations and corporate sponsorships, the Foundation receives no government funding. Its mission is to back the core programs of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States and other veteran service groups, providing essential services to the community.

The Foundation offers crucial financial assistance to troops and their families, addressing needs such as housing, medical care, and basic necessities through one-time grants. It also sponsors “welcome home” and “send-off” events to boost the morale of military units returning or being deployed. Furthermore, the Foundation assists veterans in navigating VA entitlements and disability claims, ensuring they receive the benefits they deserve.

By donating to the Massachusetts VFW Foundation, you can make a significant impact on the lives of Massachusetts veterans and their families, helping meet vital needs and improve their quality of life. Contributions are tax-deductible and directly support those who have served our country.

Keep N Attleboro Beautiful Logo

Keep North Attleborough Beautiful

Keep North Attleborough Beautiful (KNAB) is a beacon of community pride and environmental stewardship in North Attleborough. Recognized as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, KNAB spearheads efforts to enhance the town’s charm and cleanliness, contributing to a reduction in crime and an increase in property values. Through its diverse volunteer opportunities, KNAB invites individuals of all ages and talents to participate in making a tangible, positive impact. Whether it’s joining the year-round Litter Busters program or engaging in the Beautification Program to add a touch of greenery and color, there’s a place for everyone to contribute.

Highlighting the spirit of communal effort, KNAB’s 11th Annual Clean Up event, part of the Great American Cleanup happens Saturday, May 4, 2024. This town-wide initiative not only beautifies our surroundings but also fosters community spirit and fun. Participation is a fantastic way to demonstrate community pride and make North Attleborough a more beautiful place for residents and visitors alike. Together, we can ensure that the legacy of commitment to a cleaner, more vibrant town is passed down through generations.

Capeway Motors Logo

Capeway Rovers

Capeway Rovers Motorcycle Club stands as a pillar of motocross history in New England. Established in 1934 and finding its current home in Middleboro in 1951, it boasts the title of the oldest motocross track on the East Coast. This 60-acre facility, nestled among picturesque cranberry bogs, has seen the likes of motocross legends and hosted over 800 races, making it a revered ground for riders and enthusiasts alike.

The club, which has evolved from its early days of scrambles and TT races to focus solely on motocross events, is more than just a track; it’s a community hub where families, friends, and competitors gather. With state-of-the-art amenities like Mylaps scoring, ample parking, and an air-conditioned restaurant serving breakfast and lunch, Capeway Rovers ensures a comfortable and engaging experience for all visitors. The track is celebrated not just for its competitive spirit but for its family-friendly atmosphere, offering clean facilities, great food, and excellent views of the thrilling races.

Capeway Rovers is not just a venue for high-octane racing; it’s a place where lasting friendships are formed, and the motocross community comes together to celebrate their passion. It’s a testament to the enduring appeal of motocross and a beacon for the next generation of riders.

Norwood 150th Birthday Logo

Norwood 150th Birthday – Norwood, MA

In a dynamic tapestry woven with memories of the past and dreams for a brilliant tomorrow, Norwood seeks to embrace its citizens’ rich heritage and aspirations. This journey transcends time, bridging the realms of yesterday, today, and tomorrow, uniting families, schools, and businesses in an unwavering bond of shared civic pride.

In this cohesive endeavor, Norwood celebrates its remarkable cultural diversity and unparalleled work ethic as a beacon of strength and unity. For 150 years, this vibrant community has shone as “The Crown Jewel of the Commonwealth,” a testament to its enduring spirit and storied history.

With hearts intertwined, Norwood marches forward, cherishing its legacy while nurturing a vision for a future that glistens with promise and possibilities. This thriving community stands tall, a testament to the power of unity and the boundless potential that lies within when all come together as one.

Nichols College Logo

Nichols College – Dudley, MA

In the fall of 2021, Nichols College made an impressive enhancement to Vendetti Field with the addition of a cutting-edge digital scoreboard.

Standing tall at 30 feet, this remarkable signage was generously donated by Nucar, a subsidiary of the esteemed DCD Automotive Group located in Norwood and owned by the Dagesse family. Meticulously crafted by Digital Scoreboards LLC, the scoreboard is a testament to modern technology and innovation.

The college commemorated this milestone with a joyous ceremony held at Vendetti Field, a fitting prelude to the commencement of the college’s Homecoming football game on September 23rd.

Nichols Athletic Director, Eric Gobiel, expressed his elation over the new addition, stating, “The new video board is undoubtedly a game-changer for Nichols and our athletic department, ushering in a whole new interactive experience for our devoted fans and dedicated student-athletes.” He further conveyed heartfelt gratitude to the Dagesse family for their extraordinarily generous gift and unwavering support.

With this state-of-the-art digital scoreboard, Nichols College embarks on a new era of sports entertainment, embracing the future with enthusiasm and gratitude to those who made it all possible.

Norwood Town Seal

Norwood Day – Norwood, MA

Norwood Day, a dazzling affair held annually in September, proves to be a delightful treat for families courtesy of the Norwood Recreation Department. This grand event showcases over 200 diverse tables, generously sponsored by local businesses and organizations. The merriment knows no bounds, featuring an array of entertainment options like thrilling amusement rides, captivating gaming trucks, a refreshing water gun trailer, an exhilarating rock wall, a dynamic stage, and an electrifying racing trailer! Thanks to generous sponsors like DCD, Norwood Day blossoms into an epic triumph, bringing joy and excitement to all who attend!

Norwood Little League Logo

Norwood Little League – Norwood, MA

The Norwood Little League depends on the unwavering support of sponsors to enrich the lives of children, imparting a joyful athletic experience that instills vital values of sportsmanship and teamwork.
Every year, the league endeavors to keep registration fees at a minimum, ensuring that a greater number of Norwood’s youngsters can partake in the beautiful game of baseball. However, these fees only cover a fraction of the numerous expenses essential to maintaining a top-notch program. It is through the immense generosity of sponsors that Norwood’s children can embrace the sport, discovering the true essence of teamwork and creating cherished childhood memories that shall endure a lifetime.
Indeed, our journey is replete with diverse costs, ranging from the upkeep of our fields, procurement of uniforms, baseballs, and equipment, to remunerating dedicated umpires. Moreover, we extend scholarships to families in need, affirming our commitment to making baseball accessible to all deserving children within our community.

KDC Logo

Kennedy-Donovan Center – Foxborough, MA

KDC’s innovative methodology transforms the lives of children, adults, and families navigating developmental delays, disabilities, or adversities, yielding profound and positive results. At the heart of Kennedy-Donovan Center’s (KDC) success lies a distinctive fusion of cutting-edge data-driven strategies, an extensive array of family and community-oriented services, and an unwavering commitment to empowering individuals.

Through collaborative partnerships with families, caregivers, professionals, and the broader community, including DCD, KDC ensures the delivery of top-tier human services, elevating the quality of life for those it serves.

Marshfield Fair Logo

Marshfield Fair – Marshfield, MA

Since its establishment in 1862 and continuing to this day, the primary objectives of the Marshfield Agricultural and Horticultural Society have remained steadfast: to foster, enhance, and advance the realms of agriculture, horticulture, mechanical arts, and their interconnected fields. The inaugural gathering, masterminded by Levi Walker and George Martin Baker amidst the turmoil of the Civil War, brought together local residents to delve into agricultural matters. Known as the South Marshfield Farmer’s Club, this momentous event marked the inception of what has evolved into the Marshfield Agricultural and Horticultural Society—a beacon of agricultural discourse, epitomized by the much-awaited annual Marshfield Fair, scheduled from August 19th to 28th in 2022.

As a nonprofit organization, the Marshfield Agricultural and Horticultural Society is dedicated to fostering, preserving, and encouraging agricultural pursuits while enlightening the wider public on their significance. Throughout the year, the fairgrounds host a plethora of events, but the pinnacle on the calendar is undoubtedly the annual fair.

Nestled along the picturesque coast, midway between the vibrant city of Boston and the enchanting Cape Cod, the Marshfield fairgrounds boast a myriad of agricultural edifices, teeming with thousands of exhibitor entries and hundreds of lively animals. Beyond that, a vibrant midway offers entertainment aplenty, complemented by thrilling live motorsports and daily shows that cater to diverse demographics. Truly, there’s something to captivate everyone’s interest!

This year’s Marshfield Fair promises to be an unmissable experience, embodying the Society’s longstanding commitment to the enrichment of agriculture and horticulture, all while celebrating the joyous spirit of community engagement.